Walk with us along the roman walls

In 271 d.C. the Alemanni invaded Italy, defeating the Roman army in Piacenza and moving forward Rome. The Emperor Aurelian organized an immediate defense strategy and succeeded in defeating the barbarian troops near Pavia.

The threat of new invasions was becoming more concrete. Rome needed more protection so, Emperor Aurelian realized the longest wall of the ancient world, 19 km of town-walls, also known as “THE AURELIAN WALLS” (MURA AURELIANE).

Having undergone several restorations in different ages, the walls are now in good conditions for most of their layout.

The stretch of road is characterized by 350 metres of “Chemin de Ronde”, among 10 sighting towers, the most mighty of which is Porta San Sebastiano, home of the “Museo delle Mura”, with a splendid panoramic terrace overlooking Appia Antica.


 ✔Meet your tour guide at: Museum of the Walls, Via di Porta San Sebastiano 18. 9:00AM.

 ✔ Access to: Museum and Patrol path

 ✔ Itinerary: Inside the museum, outside the path above the Walls.

✔ End of the tour at: Outside the museum

 ✔ When: Every day except Monday. The walkway of the Wall Museum follows the timetables and access conditions of the Museum.

✔ Duration: 2 hours

 ✔ Language: it/en



The price includes

✔ Planning and guided tour

✔ Licensed tour guide of the province of Rome

✔ Museum entrance fee

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