URBINO and GRADARA : miths and legends in the lands of the Renaissance

Our trip is taking us to Urbino, one of the most important  university towns in Europe. Its historic centre was declared World Heritage site by Unesco. Raffaello Sanzio, also known as Raphael (one of the main representatives of the Italian Renaissance), was born in Urbino and he spent his childhood in this town. In the past Urbino was considered “the ideal city” and it still takes your breath away as soon as you see it.

Arrive in Urbino by 12 p.m., hotel accommodation and welcome brunch.

Meeting with the tour guide at 3 p.m. and tour of the historic centre of Urbino, constituted by an urban system characterized by suggestive spaces that revolved around the Ducal Palace: the Rampa (spiral ramp) made by Martini, the popular facade of the ‘Torricini’, the square Piazza del Rinascimento. In the middle stands the Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace): a city inside the city, full of suggestive places: Cortile d’Onore (Courtyard of Honor), Biblioteca del Duca (The Duke’s library), Appartamento della Jole (Jole’s Apartments), Appartamento degli Ospiti (The Guest Apartments), Appartamento del Duca (The Duke’s Apartments), Appartamento della Duchessa (The Duchess’ Apartments), Sotterranei (Basement). A journey through history that will transport you into the everyday life at court and among the incredible masterpieces of the Galleria Nazionale (National Gallery) of Marche, made by the greatest Renaissance artists: Piero della Francesca, Paolo Uccello, Giusto di Gand, Raffaello, Tiziano.

Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay


9 a.m. departure by minibus to the Fortress of GRADARA, one of the most popular monuments in the region. It houses musical and artistic events and it is also often chosen as a movie set. 

Gradara’s beauty lies in its magical atmosphere, as you will notice while you visit the historical buildings, the Fortress where Paolo and Francesca fell in love (as Dante tells us in his Divina Commedia), the  Museo Storico (Historical Museum) with its peculiar collections and instruments of torture, the Grotte Medievali (Medieval Caves) or also while taking a walk along the Camminamenti di Ronda (Patrol Walkways), admiring the breathtaking view of the Riviera Romagnola and Montefeltro area.

Lunch at your leisure.

Return to Rome by private coach at 3.30 p.m., arrive in the evening.


✔️ Meet your tour guide in: the centre of Urbino, 3 p.m

✔️ Visit to:historic centre of Urbino,Ducal       Palace,Picture  gallery,village and Fortress of Gradara 

✔️ End of the tour in: Gradara

✔️ Duration: 2h

✔️ Language: it/en

✔️ Tour fee:€ 90,00

A minimum number of 30 Members is required 


The price includes

✔️ Reservations,entrance fee and guided tours

✔️ Licensed tour guide of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino available for Members 

✔️Round trip Rome-Urbino-Gradara by private coach for Members

✔️Welcome Brunch



The hotel and the meals are not included

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