The secrets of Cori, the ancient village near Rome with good wine!

Discover this charming and surprising location, a small village full of history, surrounded by ancient walls.
Cori, just over an hour away from Rome, used to have splendid temples dedicated to the Gods: the Temple of Hercules overlooks the city and a breathtaking landscape stretching to the sea; the Temple of Dioscuri, a place of worship and treasury of the city which then became part of a church; The ancient Forum and its ruins, which can be seen along the road via delle Colonne.
Our tour continues through the Medieval frescoes in the Oratory of the Annunziata, which is considered national monument, and inside of the Monumental Complex of S. Oliva, one of the most important cultural sites in the region.
Here we are going to see the ruins of a Roman temple and of a Medieval church, as well as the convent with its stunning sculptures and frescoes.
Our tour ends with a tasting in a popular winery of Cori, with the chance to try the best wines and typical products of the territory.



 ✔ We meet at: Rome coach parking area, arrive in Cori at 9:30 am and meeting with the tour guide

✔ Access to: the archaeological sites, Oratorio dell’Annunziata, monumental complex of S.Oliva, local wine cellar with tasting.

✔ Itinerary: the village of Cori and archaeological sites. Stop in the wine cellar for a tasting.

✔ End of tour at: bus stop area Rome

✔ Duration: full day

✔ Language: it/en

✔Visit fee:€ 70,00

Notes: A minimum number of 25 members is required for the tour.



The price includes


✔ Planning and guided tour of the village of Cori and its artistic heritage

✔ Licensed tour guide, available for members

✔ Tasting at a popular winery of Cori, with the chance to try the best wines and local products

✔ Bus to/from Rome-Cori

✔ Insurance

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