Parma And Its Palaces

A splendid town, built on the ancient Roman road of Via Emilia, a crucial stop on Via Francigena in the Middle Ages, PARMA is striking in the elegance of both of its streets and its buildings, which evoke its ancient splendour. Famous worldwide for its good food, music, and opera in particular, Parma remains a symbol of the unique beauty of a refined Italian town.

Day 1 Meeting at PARMA station, arrival at the hotel, tasting in a typical restaurant and sightseeing with a licensed guide. Meeting at Piazza Duomo, where the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Bishop’s Palace create a corner of rare medieval beauty. The tour continues with a stroll through the historic centre to Piazza Garibaldi, also known as the Town Square or the Piazza Grande, corresponding in part to the ancient Roman forum, later the seat of power of the city, and the centre of city life to this day. Overlooking the square are buildings such as the Palazzo del Capitano, Palazzo del Comune, and the Palazzo del Governatore as well as shops, restaurants, and charming cafes.

The tour ends at the famous Teatro Regio, a temples of operatic music, where internationally renowned artists from Paganini to Verdi, Toscanini, Callas and Beniamino Gigli have played, sang, and worked.

Parma is an exquisite choice for a walking tour: a city filled with rich history, magnificent art and great tasting food!

Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 PALACE OF COLORNO: departure by train to Colorno and arrival at the Royal Palace; we will admire the main floor, the frescoed halls and courtyards, in what Napoleon called the “Imperial Palace”, dedicated to his wife, Marie Louise of Austria  who made it one of her favourite residences. During a thirty-year reign, it was Marie Louise, the beloved Duchess of Parma, who left the indelible mark of her good taste on the ducal apartments and the large garden. Today the Palace of Colorno, visited every year by tens of thousands of tourists, is also home toALMA, an Italian cooking school that, under the guidance of Gualtiero Marchesi, offers specialised training to hundreds of young chefs from around the world.  Free choice for lunch and departure by private bus.

ARRIVAL AT ROCCA DI FONTANELLATO, owned by the Sanvitale family from 1386 to 1948. It lies in the centre of the village of the same name, surrounded by a wide moat, and is renowned for the important masterpieces it houses. The most precious jewel is the “room of Diana and Actaeon,” painted with frescoes in the 1500s by Parmigianino, one of the greatest masters of Italian Mannerism.

The tower overlooking the moat, once a prison with several floors, now houses the Camera Ottica, a refined game of prisms and mirrors that allows those inside the dark room to observe what happens outside in the square in front of the castle. It is the only one still working in Italy, representing a highly advanced tool for its time.

Lunch at Fontanellato, departure by bus to Bologna station and return to town of departure.





 ✔ Meet your guide at: Parma, railway station.

✔ Access to: Historic centre of Parma with entrance to the Regio Theatre, Reggia di Colorno and Rocca di Fontanellato

✔ End of the tour at: Bologna railway station

✔ Duration: 2 days 1 night

✔ Language: it/en



The price includes


✔ Reservations, entrance fees and guided tours of the sites indicated and of the historic centre of Parma

✔ Licensed tour guide authorized by the Province of Parma including the tour guides for the Teatro Regio di Parma, Reggia di Colorno and Rocca di Fontanellato, available for members

✔ Welcome aperitif with local gastronomic products

✔ Earphones

✔ Mode of travel: transfer by private bus Colorno/ Fontanellato/ Bologna Railway Station

✔Travel packages are available for groups,including overnight stay and food tasting, with collaboration of local travel agencies.


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