Palestrina : the city that dedicated a temple to luck.

Our tour of Palestrina starts in the main square, in the heart of the city, the location where the Forum used to be, with its buildings and pagan temples. Next we are going to visit the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia,  a masterpiece of monumental architecture dating back to the II century. It was dedicated to the goddess Fortuna, who could tell you about your future.

Six artificial terraces with ramps and staircases led the visitor to the small circular temple built for the goddess. On the ruins of this temple PALAZZO BARBERINI was built, home to the National Archaeological Museum; here we can see some incredible artifacts, found in the surrounding area and now kept in the beautiful frescoed rooms of the ancient Barberini residence.

*Lunch at your leisure in a typical restaurant



 ✔ Departure from Rome by private bus and meeting with the guide in Piazza della Cortina, Palestrina

 ✔ Access to: the archaeological sites, the Sanctuary of Fortune, Palazzo Barberini

 ✔ Itinerary: the entire village and the Museum

 ✔ End of tour: central square of Palestrina

 ✔ Duration: full day

 ✔ Language: it/en

 ✔ Visit fee: €35.00+5.00 the entrance to the Palazzo Barberini/Archaeological Museum

A minimum of 25 Members is required.



The price includes


✔ Guided tour of Palestrina with its monuments and the Archaeological Museum

✔ Licensed tour guide  available for Members

✔ Round trip Rome-Palestrina by coach for Members

✔ Earphones

✔ Insurance


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