Legal Notices

                                                                                                LEGAL NOTICES
1)Consulting and professional organization of cultural itineraries in Italy.     

2)Selection service for licensed tour guides, archaeologists and art historians, operative and specialized in their territory.     

3)Selection service of authorized travel agencies, for the technical organization of the trip and stay in their territory, in the event that the customer intends to stay on site.     

4)The proposed itineraries have a maximum duration of 24h; if extended they are organized with the support of the local travel agency.     

5)In the absence of local public transport, private transfers are expected, which will be provided with appropriate communication and references.    

 6)At the following link you can view the current legislation,  the LEGISLATIVE DECREE 21 May 2018, n. 62 on the implementation of EU Directive 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council, concerning tourist packages and related tourist services                 

 7)USE OF IMAGES : we used web search engines to find all the images published on our website on the web. Please contact us if you recognise your work.



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