Modena between flavours and engines

The event will take place in Modena the capital city of engines and the undisputed home of gourmet food; the professional guide will wait for the members to take them to the splendid Ferrari Museum.  

This is an opportunity to get a close look at the charm of the world’s most famous cars.

This is not just a museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, but an engaging and exciting show where the exhibition of FERRARI cars is enriched by exceptional films.

Dinner in a typical restaurant, with local cuisine.

Overnight stay.

The next day will be dedicated to the visit of the Panini Collection, the famous vintage cars hosted at the “HOMBRE” farm, where you can also attend the production and tasting of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano.

In the afternoon we will visit the Estense Gallery in Modena, with a selection of masterpieces and paintings by extraordinary Italian artists, such as Guido Reni and Guercino.

Transfer to Modena railway station for the return journey.


 ✔ Meet your tour guide at: Modena railway station. Expected arrival of members at 16:30.

✔ Access to: Enzo Ferrari Museum, Panini Vintage Car Collection, Hombre Farm, Modena Estense Gallery

✔ End of the tour at: Estense Gallery  

✔ Duration: 2days/1night

✔ Language: it/en


The price includes

 ✔ Assistance,planning  and guided tours

✔ Entrance tickets

✔ Licensed tour guides of the Province of Modena

✔1 dinner-1 lunch-1 tasting

 ✔ Travel packeges are available for groups,including overnight stay and food tastings.

  ✔ Useful info:

Departure from Rome Termini at 13:50 arrival in Modena at 16:23 // Departure from Modena at 17:34 arrival in Rome Termini at 20:20



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