Milan Cathedral And Monza Heritage

After meeting at the cathedral entrance, we will visit the Duomo roof.

This is the fourth biggest cathedral in the world and the first in Italy; it is also one of the few whose roofs are actually accessible. From Milan cathedral roof, you can admire both the city landscape and the church itself from a great perspective.

It is possible to climb (around 200 steps) up to the top, or take the elevator. Once you get on the roof, which covers approximately 8000 sq m and lies at a height of 70 metres, you can see 135 spires – including the Duomo’s oldest one -, pinnacles, flying buttresses and several statutes. You will be close enough to see their decorative engravings featuring human faces, saints, animals, symbols and mysterious creatures. On the very top of the Duomo, there is a golden statute of the Virgin Mary. In 1774, it was celebrated as the highest point of the dome and since then it has been considered the protector and the symbol of the city.

The guided visit of the cathedral and its treasures will follow.

After supper, we are having a (facultative) guided tour of the city centre through its most famous sites, like La Scala, Palazzo Marino, Piazza dei mercanti and the well-known Castello Sforzesco.


Teodolinda is considered the most attractive queen of the Langobards — the ancient people the region Lombardy is named after — and also one of the greatest examples of an influent and wise woman in power. She succeeded in creating a large-scale reign based on the peaceful co-existence between Romans and Langobards; that REGNUM ITALIAE, kingdom of Italy, was to become a key player in the European history during the Middle Ages.

In Monza, we are visiting the Duomo, a gothic cathedral that was founded in the 6th century. Here you will find a priceless relic — the Corona Ferrea, the iron crown that has been used for crowning all the European emperors from Charlemagne to Napoleon. Legend has it that it contains one of the nails taken from Christ’s cross.

The crown is kept in the chapel of the treasure (Cappella del tesoro). It is decorated with one of the greatest examples of gothic frescos worldwide, which revolve around queen Teodolinda’s life, the foundation of the dome and the history of the Langobards.

The second leg of the day is the museum of the cathedral (Museo del Duomo) with the richest collection of Langobard jewels in the world.

A tour of the city centre will follow; we will pay a visit to the beautiful Arengario palace, where the power of this area laid in the medieval age at the time of the communes in Italy.

We will then return to Milan and have lunch before leaving.


 ✔ Meeting your tour guide at: Milan Central railway station at 12.00 (*leaving the suitcases in the hotel and lunch at your leisure)

✔ Access to: Duomo di Milano and its roof, Terrazze del Duomo, Duomo di Monza e Cappella del Tesoro

✔ End of the tour: Milan 

✔ Duration: 2 days, 1 night

✔ Language: it/en

✔ Wine tasting dinner

✔ You can join the tour of the city centre by night (optional tour)



The price includes

 ✔ Assistance,planning and guided tour

✔ Reservation and tickets for Duomo di Milano, Terrazze del Duomo, Duomo di Monza and Cappella del Tesoro. Guided tours of the two cathedrals, the Terraces of the Duomo and the narrated promenade by night in Milan

✔ Licensed tour guides for Duomo di Milano and Duomo di Monza.

✔ Mode of travel: round trip by train Milano/Monza 

✔You can join the tour of the Milan centre by night (optional tour)

✔ Earphones


Travel packages are available for groups,including overstay and food tasting,with collaboration of travel local agency.


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