Lucca, Viareggio And Holidays In Versilia: When Tuscany Was A Place To Dream

Lucca is a city with a peculiar beauty: its historic centre is characterized by the medieval influence, with its many ancient churches (also known as “The city of the 100 churches“), towers, bell towers and majestic Renaissance buildings.

Meeting with the tour guide at about 11.00 am near the Walls.

As a matter of fact, Lucca is known for the town walls: the Walls of Lucca are one of the best examples of Italian Renaissance fortification. They were built between 1513 and 1650 and they are a unique representation of European architecture and urban planning.

The tour of the historic centre includes a brief visit to the Walls and to the main towers: the Guinigi tower, with a big hanging garden on the top, and the Tower of the Hours (207 stairs, optional visit) in which we will be able to observe the wind-up mechanism of the public clock, dating back to the 18th century. This clock still works and it is one of the most interesting models in Europe.

Afterwards, we are going to visit the most important buildings of the historic centre.

*Lunch at your leisure

Our guide is going to take us on a delightful walk, describing the Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings, which contributes to the beauty of the boardwalk of Viareggio, one of the most elegant in Italy.

Many noble families in Lucca decided to live in this area and Napoleon’s sister Paolina Bonaparte chose Viareggio as the perfect place for her villa.

At the beginning of the 20th century, after the construction of the beautiful boardwalk, this city was considered the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea” and a fashionable, cultural and tourist destination, appreciated throughout Europe.

At 5.00 pm we are going to Forte dei Marmi (Fort of the Marbles), a holiday destination named after the fortress that rises in the centre of the city and from the marbles of the close Apuan Alps that were taken to the pier so that they could be carried across the sea.

We are going to take a stroll on the boardwalk, learning about the history of seaside tourism in Versilia: even though the golden age of Forte dei Marmi was between the ’60s and the ’70s, this city maintained its importance and reputation among the main Italian tourist destinations.

Large sandy beaches and popular nightlife spots make Versilia internationally famous: the “Twiga Beach Club” and “La Capannina” attract international celebrities. “La Bussola” is in this area as well: a place where artists from all over the world performed, including Ray Charles, Fabrizio De Andrè, Ella Fitzgerald, Juliette Greco, Adriano Celentano, The Platters and the great Mina.

Our tour ends with a drink to remember and celebrate the music, the artists and the rumours that made those ’60s summers simply unforgettable.

7.00 pm Departure from Forte dei Marmi by private bus and arrival in Florence. Return to your city. Upon members’ request, we are also going to stop in Lucca.



 ✔ Meet your tour guide at: Lucca, in a place previously agreed upon

✔ Access to: Torre Guinigi and Torre delle Ore  

✔ Itinerary: Lucca Walls, main towers, historic centre. Transfer to Viareggio, walk along the seafront, continuing to Forte dei Marmi for an aperitif overlooking the sea.

✔ End of the tour at: Forte dei Marmi (7.00 pm) Departure by private bus from Forte dei Marmi to Florence and return of members to their cities. (*A planned stop in Lucca – if requested by members)

✔ Duration: full-day

✔ Language: it/en



The price includes

 ✔ Planning and guided tour: Lucca, the Walls and the historic center, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi

✔ Licensed tour guide of the Province of Lucca

✔ Mode of travel: Pullman to / from: Lucca/Viareggio / Forte dei Marmi / Florence railway station

Packages travel are available for groups,
including overnight accommodation
and typical tasting, with the collaboration of
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