Hidden treasures in the Province of Viterbo:Palazzo Farnese and Vico lake

Once we arrive in Caprarola by private coach we’re going on a guided tour of Palazzo Farnese in period costume. This palace is located in Caprarola, among the rolling hills of the Lazio region, and it is one of the most important Renaissance monuments in Europe. It was the majestic residence of Alessandro Farnese, grandson of pope Paul III, and it was decorated by amazing artists of that time. This imposing building, with its elegant facade, rises on a hill, dominating the surrounding landscape.

We are going to climb the splendid Scala Regia (Royal Staircase) to get to the  Piano Nobile, where we will observe wonderful rooms, such as the beautiful salon dedicated to the myth of the creation of Vico Lake, decorated with frescoes by the Zuccari brothers, the Sala del Mappamondo (Globe Room), featuring a representation of the world as it was known at the time, the Sala dell’Eco (Echo Room), with its peculiar acoustic effects.

Behind Palazzo Farnese you will find the Italian gardens, elaborate and elegant examples of architecture, perfectly in accordance with 16th century aesthetics. The gardens lead  to the Casina del Piacere, which was built immediately after the Palace and later became a summer residence for the Italian President Luigi Einaudi through his years in office (1948-55)

Our tour continues through the ancient medieval village of Caprarola, walking down via Dritta, a masterpiece by Vignola, considered a rare example of Renaissance urban planning.

Lunch at your leisure in one of the typical restaurants in the area and walk along Vico lake, until we reach the best panoramic spots to admire the landscape.

Departure for Rome at 5 p.m.


✔️ Meeting point  at bus stop area in Rome and meet your  tour guide  in front of Palazzo Farnese.

Visit to: Palazzo Farnese,Caprarola(VT) 

Tour:  inside of the Palace, Piano Nobile, Gardens, village of Caprarola, Vico Lake

End of the tour at: Vico lake

Duration: full day

Language: it/en

Tour fee: €35,00

A minimum number of 30 Members is required.


The price included

 ✔️Guided tour of Palazzo Farnese, village of Caprarola, Vico lake

Licensed tour guide of the Province of Viterbo available for Members

Round trip by coach Rome-Caprarola

Entrance tickets to Palazzo Farnese





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