Bologna and its towers

A route to immerse yourself in medieval Bologna: of the 100 towers built in Bologna around the twelfth century, now there are 24, a unique feature of the city and once a symbol of power and protection of the richest families.

It is certainly an unusual itinerary, in a city whose historic centre has been recognized by UNESCO as the largest and best preserved in the world. It’s time to discover the history and secrets of Bologna through its towers, with the final surprise of a splendid panorama from the terrace of the Prendiparte Tower.



✔ Appointment at: Bologna railway station where you’ll be meeting with your guide

✔ Access to: Torre degli Asinelli and exclusive visit with a final climb to the terrace of the Torre Prendiparte

✔ Itinerary: Walking tour with local guide, during which the most important towers will be described.

✔ End of the tour at: The Prendiparte Tower

✔ When: On Saturday

✔ Duration: full day

✔ Language: it/en

✔ Visit fee: € 40,00

*NOTES: A minimum of 25 Members is required



The price includes


✔ Planning and guided tour

✔ Licensed tour guide of the Province of Bologna available for Members

✔ Aperitif reserved for members, location: the Prendiparte Tower

✔ Insurance


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