Between Alleys And Masterpieces: The Small Village Citta' Della Pieve

Città della Pieve rises between the Valdichiana valley and Lake Trasimeno, standing out from the close villages for the beauty and poetry of the landscape surrounding it.

As we enter the village, we notice the charming buildings enriched with works by an amazing Renaissance painter: Pietro Vannucci, also known as “Il Perugino”. He was born here, in Città della Pieve, and he was Raphael’s teacher. This painter created some incredible frescoes, preserved in the Cathedral and in the Oratory of the church Santa Maria dei Bianchi.

Our itinerary will lead us through the beauty and the harmony of the natural landscapes that were often represented in the painter’s works.

Lunch at your leisure.

Città della Pieve is a fascinating medieval village, built mainly with exposed brick: we are going to walk through beautiful alleys, some of them very narrow but full of history and intriguing legends.



✔ Meet your tour guide in: the Central Square of Città della Pieve

✔ Access to: Cathedral and Oratory of S.Maria de’Bianchi

✔ Itinerary: Visit the village and its main monuments with the works of Perugino, a route through the alleys, narrating stories and legends

✔ Duration: full-day

✔ Language: it/en



The price includes

✔ Planning and guided tour with full-day assistance

✔ Licensed tour guide of the Province of Umbria

✔ Earphones

Packages travel are available for groups,
including private bus,overnight accommodation
and typical tasting, with the collaboration of local travel agencies.






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