Archeological itinerary discovering the Castelli Romani: history, myth and legend.

Albano laziale, Lanuvio e Nemi

Visit to the civic museum of Albano and to the archeological path towards the Cisternoni, the amphitheater and the museum of the second parthian legion.

 Departure from Roma Termini 8:21 a.m. Arrival in Albano 9:21 a.m

According to the tradition the town is on the ancient Albalonga, established by Ascanio, son of the Trojan hero Enea. the legend says that during the war against Rome, in order to avoid wastefulness of blood, kings decided to make the three champions of Albalonga fight against the three champions of Rome.  Albans chose the Curiazi brothers and  Romans the Orazi brothers. Romans won the battle and Albalonga began to be part of the Roman empire. The name of Albalonga comes directly from Alba longa.Romans named this area Albanium and Ager Albanum the surrounding area because they recognized  where the ancient town of Alba was, mother of ROME.Thanks to The presence of the famous ancient via Appia and the beautiful natural riches, Albanium became immediately the favorite place of the rich and famous who built there their own villas.The main transformation of the area was under Settimio Severo, who ordered the construction  of  the second Parthian legion’s camp (Castra Albana), which housed around 6000 legionaries and where the legionaries’ families built their houses.

Nowadays there are  many archeological evidences  such as the thermal  baths , the amphitheater, the Cisternoni, used for the army’s water provision.

Among different water tanks built by Romans for the water provision either for private and imperial villas or the army camp , the Cisternoni are well-known worldwide for their grandiosity and current use.

Stopover in a famous bakery house of the city centre.

Transfer by private bus to Lanuvio.

Lanuvio archeological itinerary from the village and visit to the civic museum that with more than 2000 evidences and the magnificent Juno sospita temple.Heir of the ancient Lanuvium, its story boasts previous origins than Rome, it was the birth place of two famous roman emperors Antonino Pio and Commodo. Surrounded by blooming vineyard and with a breathtaking view from  the Pianura Romana towards the Pianura Pontina and the sea, the city is on the southern side of the Albani hills and has a marvelous archeological patrimony. The Important archeological patrimony is made by evidences housed in the museum system of Lanuvio and by the Juno sospita temple, divinity of the roman mythology linked to fortune ( in Latin Iuno sospita means “ well disposed”) particularly worshipped  in the ancient Lanuvium and in Rome in the olitorio forum.Throughout splendid periods Lanuvium was chosen as home by important people such as Marco Emilio Lepido, Marco Giunio Bruto, Augusto e Marco Aurelio.In 391 the Theodosius’s Edict established Christianity as the only religion allowed in the roman empire and this marked the ending of Lanuvio . the city was obliged to close down all pagan temples,  Juno sospita included, important attraction and source of money for the city.

Lunch at the leisure.

Nemi: the Diana’s temple on the lake, legends of the sacred wood and the museum of the roman boats.Honoured with the prestigious orange flag of the Touring club Italiano, Nemi is a unique town, an amazing green terrace above the small Nemi’s lake even called the mirror of Diana.The charm of this small ancient  town with its medieval aspect has attracted poets and painters over the years and thousands of tourists nowadays.The history of Nemi is both ancient and important: the Latin league used to consider it as an holy place for the presence of the Diana Nemorense temple,  romans chose it as their favorite place and Caligula the emperor decided to build two big ships destined to be two giant parlous on the small Nemi’s lake: the evidences are housed in the museum of the romans boats.

Transfer by bus to the Albano station. Departure from Albano station

20.34 p.m Arrival in Roma station (Termini).



✔ Meet your tour guide at: 9:30 Albano, central square

✔ Access to: the museums and archaeological sites of the three towns, as per the program

✔ Itinerary: Albano, Lanuvio, Nemi by private bus

✔ End of the tour at: Nemi

✔ Duration: full day

✔ Language: it/en

✔ Visit fee:

NOTES: A minimum number of 25 Members is required.





The price includes


✔ Planning and guided tour to: the Archaeological Museum, Amphitheatre and Cisternoni of ALBANO; Civic Museum and Temple of Juno in LANUVIO; Temple of Diana and Museum of Roman Ships in NEMI

✔ Licensed tour guide of the Province of Rome available for members

✔ Mode of travel: pullman coach transfer: Albanian- Nemi available for Members

✔ Insurance

*NOT INCLUDED:  the journey to Albano


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