The Jewelleries of Tuscany: Pitigliano and Montemerano.

Pitigliano,an ancient medieval village,perched on a caracteristic tufa spur,is a one of the most scenioc village in Tuscany and is also known as the “little Jerusalem” for its characteristic alleys, the Jewish ghetto and the Sinagoga.

Appuntament with touristic guide and visit of the historic center : Palazzo Orsini,the Cathedral and majestic aqueduct build in 1545- The walk continues towards the characteristic cave ways,unique in the world;these are traced by men and have walls of tufa up to 20 meters high. They offer a landscape of rare beauty.

Lunch in a wine cellar.

Then you will go to Montemerano,a small village of 12th century,surronded by town- wall and  and honoured with “one of the most beautiful village of Italy”.

It has retained its Medieval appearance with the beautiful church, the fortress, the streets paved and the characteristic square castle surrounded by stone buildings. You will walk through narrow streets, squares and picturesque views; Montemerano is a place where we can still breathe the air as if we lived in the Middle Ages.

Walk in the village and return in the evening



 ✔️ Meet your tour guide at                     Pitigliano,Piazza Petruccioli 

✔️ Itinerary:  Pitigliano center,vie cave and Montemerano

✔️ Duration:full day

✔️ Language:it/en


The price includes

✔️ Guided tour

✔️ Licensed tour guide of Tuscany

✔️ Earphones

Packages travel are available for groups,
including private bus,overnight accommodation
and typical tasting, with the collaboration of local travel agencies.


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