About us

This site born with the aim of promoting the Italian artistic heritage, welcomes all those who love Italy and consider that the richness of its landscape and the plurality of its treasures, distributed in a capillary way among the regions and cities of art, give our country unique features that distinguish it from the rest of the world.

 Is  an unforgettable journey among the wonders of Italy: towns and cities of art, archeological sites and cycles of frescoes,  museums, ancient villas and historic residences, coastal and mountain landscapes,  hidden corners and treasures to unveil.

  • We have a wide knowledge of the Italian territory
  • We work with local tour guides who specialise in their area and with Italy-wide inbound tour operators. This means we can craft exclusive travel tours for groups, corporations, businesses and associations.
  • Package tours are available for groups and include travel, accommodation, and traditional food and wine tasting, in collaboration with local travel agencies
  • The local tour guides will unveil the thrilling Italy, which deserves to be known and valued, and we believe that you will be enraptured.

                                                 The spectacular journey has begun.



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