A Day In Todi: Beauty And Harmony In The Green Heart Of Italy

Todi is a beautiful small town in the province of Perugia.

It rises up on top of a hill a bit higher than 400 metres, overlooking the Tevere valley and stretching over one of the most evocative natural landscapes in Umbria, right in the heart of Italy. The history of this town goes back to pre-Roman times and its origins remain shrouded in mystery.

Todi represents a medieval landmark: in every corner, in every building and in every street you can see and feel the lasting mark that the Middle Ages left on the town.

While taking a stroll along the most secret alleys you can still breathe in that ancient atmosphere.

The international press considers this place as one of the best Italian towns to live in.

Our captivating morning itinerary starts with a tour to the historic centre and to the most important monuments, such as Piazza del Popolo, with its ancient buildings and the city hall, the cathedral, the Oberdan gardens and the temple of San Fortunato.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a brunch at a local butchery products tasting.

In the afternoon we’re going on a wonderful, exciting journey through the charming medieval quarters, where once you could find the ancient artisan workshops.

These places are the emblem of the arts and crafts corporations, which have characterized the economy of the town for centuries.

In the evening: return to Rome.

The itinerary is cured by licensed tour guides of Umbria.



✔ Meeting with the members at: Rome bus area

✔ Meet your tour guide in: the Central Square of Todi 

✔ Access to:  Historic center, Cathedral, Temple of San Fortunato, Oberdan gardens 

✔ Duration: full-day

✔ Language: it/en

✔ Visit fee: €35,00


The price includes


✔ Guided tour

✔ Licensed tour guide available for members

✔ Earphones

✔ Insurance

✔ Mode of travel: round-trip: Roma-Todi by private bus available for members

✔ *NOTES: Meals not included


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