A day among the marvels of the Baroque style

The event takes place in the elegant Piazza Navona, built on the ruins of The Stadium of Domitian and dominated by the Fountain of the Four Rivers, a masterpiece created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, designed by Francesco Borromini, Bernini’s friend and rival.

Once the narration of the main events that characterized this extraordinary place is complete, the guide will lead you to the churches of S. Andrea della Valle, with the splendid frescoes of the dome, the largest in Rome after that of S. Pietro, and S. Ivo alla Sapienza, a masterpiece of the Baroque and headquarter of the oldest University of Rome.

The journey continues towards S.Maria della Pace, the architectural masterpiece of Pietro da Cortona, who transformed the entire square into a Baroque setting, and S. Giovanni dei Fiorentini, which houses several masterpieces and extraordinary sculptures.

After a short break, we will continue our itinerary to the ancient Ponte S.Angelo, which accompanied the history of Rome, also known as the Roman bridge that Pope Clemente IX asked to be embellished by 10 angels so that the pilgrims to St. Peter’s could be animated by greater spirituality.

And it will be in St. Peter’s Square, surrounded by its immense colonnade and in the company of our guide, that we will salute Baroque Rome and its extraordinary artistic manifestations.

Did you know that… Baroque, one of the most important cultural phenomena of the 17th century, spread in Rome and in a short time throughout Europe, characterized by majestic palaces, magnificent churches, squares with monumental fountains, which changed the cities in a scenographic way?


✔ Meet your tour guide at: Piazza Navona

✔ Access to: the Baroque churches

✔ Itinerary: Piazza Navona, nearby areas, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, St.Peter Square

✔ End of tour at: St. Peter’s Square

✔ Duration: full day

✔ Language: it/en


The price includes:

✔ Planning and guided tour

✔ Licensed tour guide of the Province of Rome

✔ Earphones


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